• Martin Luther King Jr. said..

    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness ; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate ; only love can d

  • 2017 Happy Chinese New Year!

    Happy New Year of The Chicken!  金雞報喜 雞年大吉! 新年春節將至,祝大家新年快樂! 【UNA Facebook專頁】 若喜歡本校的消息,請幫我們按個讚!

  • Excited to back on campus!

    Today is the first day of classes for our students  and we are so excited to have them back on our campus! 

  • 2017 Happy New Year!

      Happy New Year to all of  our wonderful members of this UNA family!  We are thankful for the

  • LOL Android App for Learning!

    LOL App for Android! Learning Online class everywhere,just download and login it,then Start Learning! Down

  • UNA Alumni Events

    UNA Alumni Events - Fun and Friends   UNA alumni recently attended a Birmingham Barons baseball game to

  • MBA Enrollment at UNA Hits New

    There are 83 new registered students in the UNA MBA program for summer 2016, which is a 151% increase over last summ

  • UNA Visits Life Data Labs, Inc

    Life Data Labs is an animal nutrition research and manufacturing company, located in Cherokee, Alabama. They create

  • More Evidence Of The MBA’s Val

    MBA alumni reported that their salary increased by nearly $69,000, up 145% over their pre-MBA pay.

  • 2016 Happy New Year!

    2016 Happy New Year! 新的一年,新的開始! UNA敬祝大家 2016新年快樂!   》See on Facebook