【UNAEMBA】 TSMC Rooster Master

Economic Daily reporter Zhang Jiaxuan instant report

TSMC (2330) 107 Corporate Social Responsibility Report was released, salary and welfare were in the same industry. The overall salary of the newly-graded graduate engineer was about 32 months. The overall salary of the Taiwan factory was in the top 10% of the industry. The median salary and pensions are about 1.58 million yuan. The overall salary ratio of President Wei Zhejia and the median employees is about 149:1, which is about 235 million yuan.
TSMC's salary and welfare are good. It has always been the preferred business for graduate students in June. The latest corporate social responsibility report reveals important reasons for attracting talents. A total of 2,323 new employees were launched last year, and 79.7% were younger generations under the age of 30.
The average overall salary of the newly graduated master's graduate engineer, in addition to the 12-month salary, the two-month year-end bonus, plus about 18 months of cash bonuses and rewards, the overall salary is about 32 months of the salary; the direct employee average The salary is about 27 months of salary, and the average monthly income is three times the basic salary of Taiwan.
The salary adjustment is also quite "Asha Li". In April last year, the salary increase for Taiwan was about 3 to 5%, that of mainland China was about 9 to 10%, and the rest of the region was about 3 to 5%.
Employee benefits and benefits include: salary, allowances, employee cash bonuses and rewards, pensions and other benefits, totaling $10,824.5 million, and annual per capita salary and benefits amounting to $2.22 million.
Last year, the total number of employees was 48,752. Among all the supervisors and professionals, more than 80% of the employees had master's degree or above; the number of newborns reached 2,682, and the proportion of newborns in Taiwan continued to climb, reaching 1.5%, showing high-quality salary. And the welfare system allows employees to stay in TSMC to have a family, and because of the good corporate welfare, the turnover rate last year was only 4.5%, which is lower than the internal fitness rate of 5~10% set by TSMC.
Source: Economic Daily