【UNA EMBA】MBA advantage in USA


A recent survey report by the GMAC pointed out that recent graduates with advanced business degrees, especially in the United States, have got good starting salaries. U.S. employers plan to offer a median annual basic starting salary of $115,000 for new MBA recruitment in 2019, which is more than twice the median for new bachelor’s degree recruitment ($55,000), which is also the United States adjusted for inflation Highest record. According to the industry of American employers, consulting ($135,000) and finance/accounting ($125,000) industries have the highest median starting salaries for MBA students.
"Nearly 90% (87%) of companies in the Asia Pacific region plan to recruit MBA graduates in 2019-this is the highest percentage of any region in the world."
"This year's GMAC report on MBA and GME recruitment trends shows the tremendous opportunities that graduates have when completing business studies," said Eric Cornuel, Director General and Chief Executive Officer of EFMD. "The growth of global quality business schools has also increased employment opportunities for graduates from emerging markets and regional economies. Now is a good time to pursue a master's degree in MBA."
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