IUC Group was jointly established by corporate members of the International Legal Foundation and scholars from internationally renowned Management Institutes,
with representative offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, the United States and Europe respectively (each entity being a separate legally registered corporation). 

[ Substantive business areas ]
IUC GROUP belongs to an overseas holding company, and has joined international organizations,sparing no efforts to finance international cooperation plans for jointly developed projects,including investment in international logistics, international financial industry,technical manpower for the petrochemical industry etc.
[ Education ]
We have the densest public relations and expertise in the area.

[ Market mechanisms ]
We have the most delicate creative marketing experience and enterprise cooperation resources, including the most professional platform for international cooperation and service team. 
[ Enhancing international higher education and business management ]
Focusing on refinement and establishing relations based on true human emotions are the core values of our brand. 


[ Our service philosophy ]
『 Work not only for the promotion of the brand, but strive to improve the quality of education and to create a market for our business』
Due to this strong and persistent belief, the chairman of the International Foundation James Talbot and the educated in Japan
and highly experienced General Manager KEN Y.C. SU are working together to promote our services.