★ work experience as the cornerstone of a systematic education

Helps you build your knowledge, integrate and enhance the basic theoretical concepts, rediscover, reform and renew your thinking,improve your future management decision-making power, and make a breakthrough in the current situation opening up new opportunities.(Match theory with practice; improve your learning effectiveness; strengthen your work performance)


  ★ mobile studying, interactive case study, strong faculty

   Cooperating with the national and private universities of Taiwan, Hong Kong, China,
   we offer regular interaction with their EMBA alumni and access to international
   market research  
   and lectures.
The Taiwan Executive MBA class has truly achieved a transnational,  
   cross-border,cross-culture comprehensive and diverse integrated program.

   ★ extremely inexpensive tuition, cost-effective, stress-free work and study balance

   Only half of the tuition at National Taiwan University,and
   a quarter of the tuition for the same level university in the United States

★ UNA EMBA Program is professional and pragmatic, allowing a comprehensive application of the courses, bringing various benefits   

In addition to the 14 business core courses,we have 
specially designed high-end management courses - an indispensable professional 
competence proof:Project Management Certification + Intellectual Property Patent Engineer Certification + 
Business English Certificate.

★ no need to go abroad - study at the local facilities, save time and money

The long-distance counseling centers make learning very convenient for students, without having to leave their homes or abandon their careers and families,
thus reducing the risk and expenses while studying and working.
★ tuition paid in installments, reducing the financial pressure

UNA EMBA office in Taiwan offers an annual scholarship up to NT $ 3 million in total, given to excellent eligible applicants.
Students can pay the tuition in installments or apply for student loans at zero interest rates, reducing their financial pressure.

CIS  625  
AC  626 
MK  660 
MG  640 

IPM 600  
AC  291  
AC  292  
FI    393    
EC  251  
EC  252  
MG 330   
MK 360  
QM 291  
QM 295 
MBA Skills and Outcomes
Management Coaching and Mentoring
Corporate Governance
Legal , Social, Ethical Environment of Global Business
Enterprise Systems Analysis and Design
Organizational Behavior , Leadership & Teamwork 
Accounting for Decision Making and Control  
Finance for Decision Making 
Marketing Strategy in a Global Economy 
Career Management and Professional Development 
Management Policy and Strategy 
International Business  
Special Topics 
MBA Capstone Project  

Business Writing Conversation
Intellectual Property 
Principle of Finance Accounting 
Principle of Managerial Accounting
Financial Management 
Principles of Macroeconomics 
Principles of Microeconomics 
Principle Management 
Principle of Marketing 
Statistical Process Control
Quantitative Methods in Business and Economics