Each ESL level curriculum consists of 12 units, all including following areas:

correct pronunciation,vocabulary usage,grammar rules,listening exercises,conversation activities and writing topics.
Teachers interact with students, giving each student the opportunity to practice, discuss and enhance English proficiency on a regular basis.
Topics discussed in class include: work, study, tourism, science and technology, culture, food and beverages, transportation, leisure activities.


UNA ESL course advantages:

1) An all English, but very relaxed teaching approach 2) A five-star learning environment and equipment  
3) Foreign universities and language centers teaching methods 4) Convenient online tutoring system
5) The most enthusiastic service from the Department of Student Affairs    
★ UNA ESL Level 1 English class Beginner ★ UNA ESL Level 2 English class Pre-Intermediate
★ UNA ESL Level 3 English class Intermediate ★ UNA ESL Level 4 English class Upper Intermediate  
★ UNA ESL Level 5 English class Advanced   


★ English conversation for the Hospitality and Service Industry
English conversation for the Hospitality - etiquette and proper expressions used in the restaurant industry, the tourism industry, the hotel industry

1) Basic everyday conversation skills 2) Specialized vocabulary and terminology
3) Travel abroad or business travel phrasebook 4) Easy interactive studying style
5) Online tutoring system  

★ English with Movies - Movie stars teach you English

1) The most relaxing way to practice listening 2) Learn popular expressions used in different English-speaking countries
3) English learning environment with zero pressure  4) Understand more about cultural differences and customs of foreign countries
5) Learn more about the best foreign film stars 6) The happiest way to improve your language skills and competitiveness