The University of North Alabama has been recruiting students in Taiwan for 12 year.
The 50th cohort of the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program has graduated in May 2016.  
Furthermore, UNA Alumni Association welcomes graduates to come back to their alma mater,
where various events are held every month, from community events to business visits and day trips.
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UNA EMBA / Amanda

From a children's teacher with 20 years of experience, without any restaurant background, ​I transferred to leading a group of talented young ​cooks, however I was able to enjoy this crossover very much. 
​On the one hand, teaching children how to cook, helping the upbringing process, on the other hand, occupying the position of Vice Secretary General of the Junior Chefs Association​, made me want to upgrade my management expertise and skills. As an educator, I believe being able to learn and at the same time use the acquired knowledge is the best education method. Having theory and practical experience complement each other ensures greater efficiency. 
I also hope, when I finish the EMBA course, I can apply the knew knowledge in the operation process of the Association, giving the young chefs in Taiwan better future prospects.  


UNA EMBA / Andy 

I'm hoping to take advantage of the teaching methods here (UNA),
to make my thinking and perspective on things become more diverse,
and to obtain more strength to stand on the international business stage. 



Hello, everyone, I'm Maxine.
While working at the busy foreign company IBM, I deeply felt my shortcomings. 
After careful consideration of time, location, cost, professors and courses, I chose UNA. 
Having the same rights as the students in the main campus, being taught by expert professors in English, while taking into account work and studies, will not only expand my knowledge, but also promises a professional promotion.
Believe in yourself, believe in UNA!  


UNA EMBA / Terence 

Hi, I am Terence, I'm pleased to join the UNA family.
Outside of my busy schedule, I still hope to enrich myself.
I'm very happy to have the unique opportunity to gather new knowledge from a different angle. 
I hope the classes at UNA can inspire me to many different new ideas.  


UNA EMBA / Grace 

As a graduate from a non-business background, being able to enter another realm, to enter the UNA campus to study EMBA and enrich myself, has made me really happy. I hope in the future I can combine the newly acquired knowledge and skills at UNA with previous expertise from my undergraduate degree. This shall help me achieve greater breakthroughs and efficiency at my current work. 



UNA EMBA / Charry

Being able to study at UNA was a pure serendipity. I had been thinking of getting a higher degree ever since I have graduated, I even wanted to study abroad, but it seemed I didn’t have any opportunity. Until one day my boyfriend told me he had been approached by UNA EMBA, and could get an international degree without leaving his job, by taking the classes in Taiwan. So we enthusiastically agreed and I asked him to take me with him to the lecture. 
Thinking back, I remember Dr. Chen telling us that while 95% of the people spend their weekends watching TV, eating, and having fun, so if we want to be a part of the other 5%, who seek education and pave their future, wouldn’t we be running faster and achieving a little more than the rest? On that day the two lecturers were company owners. One of them was a representative of an American beauty products company, with a long entrepreneurial journey. He had gone from success through failure, from failure to comeback and then another failure, when finally choosing to study EMBA. He was enrolled in different Masters Degrees, making contacts in various industries, so that he could learn from the experience of his peers in the same industry and seek inspiration from peers involved in other industries. He wanted to learn management expertise and undauntedly sought new heights in his business. The second man was Mr. Wang, a man over 50, with the spirit to learn as long as he is alive. He showed us a movie about a training coach of a team, who inspired the bond and leadership of his players, enhancing their moral and making them work hard to reach things that they didn’t believe ware possible. At that point I asked myself whether I should give myself a chance. And so we both started the EMBA program. 
Getting into UNA was the watershed in my life, this is where the transformation started, where the story changed and brought me great benefits. If you are thinking how to face the irreversible globalization trend, if you’re wondering what the individual roles are, what your business opportunities are and which way you should take, allow me to give you a suggestion – come to study EMBA at UNA and find your answers. 
This is a place where we study with emphasis on global thinking, an interactive teaching style crossing borders, universities and countries. Our study areas include USA, Taiwan and China, creating a constantly interacting network. The global perspective and the patterns of international business people can all be seen in the context of the curriculum design. We are offered very strong foreign faculty, a free course in the 5 steps and 10 knowledge areas of project management, for fully “mastering the management and implementation of a project”, flexibly adaptable management tools, learning through the perspective of our work background, so we can convert our individual experiences into a systematic standardized management process, thus greatly improving our work efficiency. Furthermore, we are offered an ESL class to improve our listening, speaking, reading and writing, increasing our international competitiveness. UNA’s fees are affordable, giving you more than your money’s worth. I strongly recommend the EMBA program at UNA. Are you looking for the lost knowledge in the busy concrete jungle? Let the professional foreign and local professors lead the way to excellence and let us all meet the challenges of globalization with ease. 
I am at a senior position in our company, where I need a global vision and macroscopic point of view. Moreover, during my previous work overseas and service at multinational corporations, I have deeply understood the impact of international dynamics on the industry in Taiwan, and that management is a necessary tool for our everyday tasks. The main core of the EMBA program is management, so while we are studying we can increase our management concept expertise beyond our professional field, which will not only help us lead our business partners and enhance the efficiency and quality of our work, but will also help all EMBA members get a higher status in their work. Most importantly, the EMBA students learn from each other by exchanging views. Since we come from different backgrounds, when we discuss the cases in class or prepare our assignments together, we exchange our practical experience, which is our most valuable gain. 

UNA EMBA / Sabrina

After working for so many years, I’d found that my knowledge is insufficient, so I decided to acquire more knowledge by becoming a student again. Of course, choosing the right school was important, and between the Taiwanese and international universities, the American schools seem to be much more renowned for their business management programs, therefore I was looking for a really international and high-ranked American university for my studies. After a thorough search and evaluation, I finally chose the University of North Alabama, USA.
If we are to be in the field high level executives in the competitive environment of the future, we actually need more new ideas and skills to face the new generations, this will help us lay the foundation for the knowledge and practical experience in management and leadership skills.
The courses [at UNA] were taught by both Taiwanese and American professors, which gave us the opportunity to experience the teaching methods in the US and gave us insight about the differences in the teaching style compared to the local professors. In the learning process we have used many patterns for case discussions; the professors have shared their practical business experience for our case study; this has been extremely helpful for us at the workplace. Of course, we’d sometimes face real problems in our own organizations, and after class we would ask our professors for advice or discuss with our classmates, which I believe is the most practical gain.
To upgrade yourself, to invest in yourself, spend your money on useful learning – this is the best present you can give yourself. The knowledge you take and the expertise you train in yourself are the most valuable things you can do for yourself.

UNA EMBA / CHUNG, Tzu-Chiang

Life is like a story.
The emphasis is never on how long the story is,
But on how many wonderful moments there are.
Studying at UNA helps you find the highlights of your life.  



Hello, everyone! 
My name is Chang Chiao-Chun. I am currently employed as a senior research engineer at MitraStar, located in the Hsinchu Science Park. 
Some time ago, I had a chance encounter with IUC online, through which I got to know UNA and became a part of the big UNA family. 
With my science engineering background, through the curriculum design and professors guidance involved in the studying process at UNA, I was able to open my mind to different levels of thinking when it comes to managing and implementing a plan. It was also because of the case discussions with my classmates, that I could learn how to accept and absorb different opinions, and integrate these different ideas into a complete proposal. 
During my time at UNA, I didn’t just acquire professional knowledge, but also learned how to properly handle problems. At the same time, I got to meet many classmates from different fields, I got to share their experience, but also through solving the conflicts in the learning process, I made some very good friends. 
I hope sharing my experience with you will give you a better understanding about UNA and will help you with your future planning. 

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